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Call Us For An Appointment: (949) 448-0872
27432 Aliso Creek Road, 1st Floor, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
Call Us For An Appointment: (949) 448-0872


Below you will find some frequently asked questions of what you should expect during your first visit.

The first visit is comprised of the initial evaluation. As part of this process, you will be required to fill out paperwork regarding your health history, your current health situation for which you are seeking treatment, and regarding your health insurance.

Please arrive early for your first scheduled appointment time:

  • 5-10 minutes early if you download, print, and fill-out intake forms
  • 15-20 minutes early if you choose to fill out intake forms on-site

Be sure to bring your doctor’s referral/prescription for physical therapy services, your insurance cards, and any paperwork pertinent to past medical history, such as x-ray, MRI, CT scans etc.

In the State of California, physical therapists are unable to provide treatment without a doctor’s referral or diagnosed condition. However, examinations and consultations can be provided without a referral.

Following completion of paperwork, a licensed physical therapist will proceed with evaluation of your current condition. Outcomes will be discussed including: primary impairments, need for and potential with physical therapy, and prognosis.

What to Wear:
We suggest an outfit that is comfortable while allowing easy movement. The area of the body being evaluation should be easily accessible. Shorts or sweatpants as well as T-shirts or tank tops are all good choices.

If your condition involves you lower body, good shoes which you can exercise in would be a plus.

Treatment Sessions:
Treatment sessions generally last 45-75 minutes and will include hands-on time with a licensed physical therapist. For continuity of treatment, all subsequent treatments will be provided by the physical therapist that performed initial evaluation. Wear comfortable clothes to treatment sessions which provide access to involved body part and in which exercise can be performed.

Treatments are generally scheduled 2 to 3 times per week depending on your condition. The duration of your physical therapy course varies and is dependent upon your condition as well as the recommendations of you referring physician and therapist.

What is a physical therapist?
A physical therapist (PT) is an expert in human movement who diagnoses movement impairments. PTs treat individuals who are limited in their ability to move and perform functional activities and restore the individual’s overall fitness, health, and wellness. A physical therapist has a post-graduate degree and must pass national and state licensure exams.

(Source: California Physical Therapy Association – CPTA)

Why should you see a physical therapist?
Physical therapists help you:

  • Prevent injuries
  • Decrease and manage pain
  • Reduce swelling and inflammation of your joints
  • Improve your breathing, cardiovascular functioning and endurance
  • Improve and maintain your coordination, balance, flexibility and muscle strength
  • Maintain your health and wellness
  • Optimize your sport performance
  • Restore normal movement for standing, walking and running
  • Restore and improve motion to achieve long-term quality of life
  • Maximize recovery from major illness, disability or surgery
  • Promote wound healing

(Source: California Physical Therapy Association – CPTA)

Free Physical Therapy Consultation

Please call us at (949) 448-0872 or fill-out the contact us form to schedule a free physical therapy consultation.



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